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Built on passion, science, and transparency, Astound NMN strives to become a leading supplier of NMN products. We believe whole-heartedly in the ability of NMN supplementation and are pleased to be establishing ourselves in the emerging market.


At Astound NMN, we genuinely care about the health and wellness of our consumers. In fact, we have a very simple mission; To enhance lives, which we are able to do by providing technologically advanced products that have real results. Extensive research has gone into the creation of our products. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients and ultimately, the most effective products. All of our products are lab tested, non-GMO, pesticide free, and organically grown - We take out the bad stuff so you can focus on the good. 


Please see our 'What is NMN?' page for specific information relating to NMN; what it is, what it does, and recent research.



Customer, Anti-Aging Connoisseur  

“I've tried many NMN brands and products, but I really believe in the quality of Astound NMN and their company values.”

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