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Slowing the Effects of Aging to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Supplements, exercise, diet... There are many areas to look at when it comes to beating aging - So we're here to break it down.

Let’s talk aging – I know, you probably just cringed at the mere mention of the word. Aging is the one thing we collectively fear as humans, and the one thing we all have to face. Some show signs of aging early, while some ease into it much more gracefully (yes, that was the sound of my eyes rolling at those who won the gene lottery). But what if I told you that there is a handful of very simple, very effective ways to slow the effects of aging?

There are many signs we associate with becoming older, including excess weight, wrinkling and dullness of the skin, issues digesting food properly and regularly, deteriorating eyesight and cognitive abilities. Many of us just accept this as our natural path, but have you ever taken the time to understand the process of aging? Or considered the ways in which we can prolong our youth? Aging is essentially caused by accumulated cellular damage. Scientists, researchers, and those of use that just can’t come to terms with aging, have spent decades seeking ways to slow down aging process for humans. The anti-aging market has come a long way. Below, you will find some of the most promising discoveries and tips on how to beat aging, from top supplements, like NMN, to simple daily rituals.

1. Move Your Body Daily

Our bodies are like machines that we use to carry out day-to-day tasks. What happens to a machine when it is idle for a long period of time? It begins to rust and deteriorate. Similar is the effect of little to no daily movement or exercise. By incorporating a form of workout or physical activity into our daily routines, we have the ability to increase mental health and clarity, and decrease risk of age-related issues such as, heart disease, excess weight gain, cancer, diabetes, and even issues with bones and muscles.

Some forms of activity could include hiking, sports, jogging, yoga, and cardio or weight-training workouts. Long walks or even just taking 15 minutes to sufficiently stretch out your body can be great additions to your routine as well. Whatever it is, we suggest finding a form of exercise that you truly enjoy, as you are more likely to make something a habit, and therefore see results, if you look forward to doing it. Prioritizing and enjoying daily movement is a proven method of prolonging good health, which is why we have pegged it as one of our four pillars of anti-aging methods.

“ We suggest finding a form of exercise that you truly enjoy, as you are more likely to make something a habit, and therefore see results, if you look forward to doing it.”
Man and woman stretching and being active for health, longevity, and anti-ageing

2. Be Mindful of the Foods You Do (and Don’t) Put Into Your Body

Every machine requires fuel, and the better quality of the fuel, the higher the performance of the machine. Consequently, putting more thought and care into the foods you fuel your body with is the most vital method of living a healthy lifestyle and prolonging our lives.

There are many diets and fads around food at any given time, (like really, who can keep up!) but what is most important is that you are nourishing your body with fresh, whole foods as often as possible. Healthy foods lead to a healthy gut, which ultimately leads to a healthy immune system, digestive system, better sleep and so much more. Its best to ensure you’re primarily eating fruits and vegetables, along with lean protein and healthy fats. If you are able to take it one step further, buying raw, local, and organic – or as close to, foods are all ways to ensure you’re fueling your body with the nutrients it needs, without any of the bad stuff.

To make healthy eating a habit, plan time to meal prep after bringing your groceries home. By having washed and chopped fruit and vegetables in the fridge, it is readily available when you need a snack (rather than reaching for those pesky processed bars!). You can even prepare dinner ingredients such as lean meats like chicken and grains such as quinoa or rice, cutting cooking time for dinners throughout the week.

Eating good foods feels good… And more than that, it has the power to decrease age-related effects on the body.

3. Take Supplements Regularly

Along with eating mindfully, taking vitamins and supplements regularly can greatly impact body function and longevity. We all know the vitamin drill; A, B, C, D… and many more letters of the alphabet, which is why we will be focusing on a few of our favorite supplements that can help with slowing aging and that you may not know about.

NMN Supplements – NMN, or nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a coenzyme that naturally exists in the human body. NMN is a precursor to NAD+, which is responsible for cell turnover, repairing DNA, preventing disease, and mush more. NAD+ levels naturally decrease as we age. With less NAD+ we have less cell turnover, resulting in signs of aging and increased risk of disease. While NMN can be found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, the absorbed amounts are insignificant. Researchers suggest that by supplementing NMN, we can help maintain NAD+ levels, ultimately slowing the effects of aging and preventing age-related disease. Although research is ongoing, this is seen to be the largest breakthrough in the anti-aging market yet.

Resveratrol – Naturally found in wine, the skin of grapes, and berries, resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant-like compound that has promising effects. Resveratrol is believed to decrease cholesterol levels, therefore lowering blood pressure, preserve cognitive function, and ultimately lengthen lifespan. Although this compound can be absorbed through the foods mentioned above, taking concentrated resveratrol supplements can have a greater impact. In addition to supplement form, resveratrol can also be found in a range of wellness products these days, such as coffee, and topical anti-aging skin treatments.

CBD – While there is still much research to be done on the long-term health benefits of CBD, there are many temporary benefits that we believe could aid healthy aging. What we do know about CBD is that it has the ability to relieve physical pain, as well as mental health concerns, such as anxiety and even depression. We also know that inflammation and stress lead to cellular damage, or more simply, accelerated aging, which is why we believe CBD or other cannabinoids have the potential to prolong life. It is important to find a cannabinoid or CBD product that works for your specific needs. While we favor a the quick absorption of tincture format, such as the Acqua Cannabis tinctures, there are many additional formats to choose from, such as gummies and vape pens as well.

“... By supplementing NMN, we can help maintain NAD+ levels, ultimately slowing the effects of aging and preventing age-related disease.”

4. Drink Water and Other Detoxing Liquids

I know we’re all tired of hearing it – Drink your water, blah, blah, blah. But I’m sure we can all agree that regular and persistent hydration goes a long way. Because our body is comprised of nearly 60% water, the simple act of drinking your 2+ liters of water a day can keep our mind and body functioning properly. Therefore, avoiding risks associated with low water intake, such as poor sleep, decreased energy and cognitive function, and even digestion issues, which can all aid in speeding up the aging process.

If you want to take your healthy habits one step further, try incorporating additional detoxifying fluids into your diet. Researchers and nutritionists believe that alkaline liquids can help to neutralize your bodies overall pH balance, which could help prevent diseases and aging. Additional believed benefits include increased antioxidant absorption, hydration, skin health, and detoxification. Detoxifying, alkaline fluids could include alkaline water, lemon water, chlorophyll, herbal teas, and some plant-based milks. Starting your day off with one of these detoxifying drinks, rather than something acidic such as coffee, could really set the tone for a well day ahead.

Make it A Lifestyle

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether we’re doing the right things for our mind and body, and while there is no perfect algorithm to slowing down the aging process, the methods we’ve outlined are what we believe to be the most vital of all. Implementing these daily rituals can be difficult, but they do become easier over time – enjoyable even, as the feeling of feeling good can become addictive. Believe me, once you reap the results of living an all-around healthy lifestyle, you will want to keep going.

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